Meria With Derek Hoff “The State and the Stork”

11/6/12 Meria Interviews Derek S. Hoff, Associate Professor of History at Kansas State University on his latest book “The State and the Stork, The Population Debate and Policy Making In U.S. History”. Where’s the discussion/debate [...]

Meria With Joyce Johnson, Producer – Mother – Caring For 7 Billion

10/30/12 Meria interviews Joyce Johnson, Producer of “Mother, Caring for 7 Billion” on over-population as the #1 environmental issue we face today. Humans are creating the 6th Mass Extinction. Sandy hit an overpopulated area, the [...]
Birth Control For Women's Health

Meria With Lois Uttley -Contraceptives & Health Care

8/10/11 Meria interview Lois Uttley, co-founder of Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need; 14 years as an award winning journalist;the new health care laws to go into effect 2014; A woman spends 5 years bearing two children, [...]
Alexandra Paul - Actress & Activist

Meria With Alexandra Paul – Baywatch Star and Activist

8/2/11 Meria Heller interviews Alexandra Paul, Star of hit series “Baywatch” and over 75 movies. Today’s show  highlights  her activism and environmentalism.Her activism began as a child and hasn’t stopped; wrote Nixon [...]
The Tipping Point

Meria With Mark Powell – Dangers of Overpopulation

4/19/11 Overpopulation is the “elephant in the living room”. Meria discusses this with Mark Powell, spokesperson for Vermonters for Sustainable Population; legal or illegal, immigration is out of control; twice as many legal immigrants [...]