Shaun Attwood

Meria With Shaun Attwood “Hard Time”

6/21/11 Could this happen to you? Meria interviews Shaun Attwood, author of “Hard Time, Life With Sheriff Joe Arpaio In America’s Toughest Jail”. From millionaire to inmate; 6 yrs for dealing ecstasy; blogging prison stories; [...]
Corrections Inc

Solid Gold: Meria With John Biewen – Prisons for Profit

3/25/11 From the Golden Vault of the Meria Show, Meria with John Biewen on “prisons for profit”. Recorded in 2003, this still holds up. Meria refers to prisons for profit often on her show, here’s why. the Corporate prison [...]
Arizona - come on vacation, leave on probation

Meria With Daniel Horne – Accidental Felons Sheriff Joe & Andrew Thomas

1/13/10 Meria interviews Daniel Horne, author of “Accidental Felons, And Then They Came For Us”. What happened to Daniel in Arizona can happen to any of us; exposing the danger of Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio on the legislature and [...]
Lynne Stewart & Her Fabulous Husband

Meria With Atty Lynne Stewart – Currently in Prison on Elongated Sentence (2010)

7/11/08 Meria interviews Lynne Stewart who made the papers as a radical human rights atty;Her case on WTC 1-1993; trial in front of Mukasey; Sheikh Omar, her client; Ramsey Clark her co-counsel; what she did for her client; a press release!; [...]
American Gulag

Meria With Marsha Weissman – The State of Our Prison System

1/28/08 Meria interviews Marsha Weissman, Executive Director of the Center for Community Alternatives; our criminal “justice” system; the alternatives to prison, penalties and restitution; paying to be on parole and probation; bankruptcy [...]