Meria With Daniel Horne – Accidental Felons Sheriff Joe & Andrew Thomas

Arizona – come on vacation, leave on probation

1/13/10 Meria interviews Daniel Horne, author of “Accidental Felons, And Then They Came For Us”. What happened to Daniel in Arizona can happen to any of us; exposing the danger of Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio on the legislature and our system of justice; Az Tent City jail; DUI-auto accident? without the aide of fellow inmates Dan would have died; 10,000 prisoners, 7,000 unsentenced! Andrew Thomas-rogue prosecutor;abusive mandatory minimum sentencing; manufacturing crimes to fill prisons; Thomas has made Az the 3rd most dangerous state with fabricated crimes; now under investigation; crazy crimes to get arrested for; secret grand juries; cops are now prosecutors; juries of 8! Felonies up 33% since Thomas took office; illusion of justice in America;DUI – The numbers haven’t changed since 1980’s – propagandized; MADD-now a special interest group; Dan’s story; hypoglycemia; civilian govt is under seige in Arizona; definition of justice; bankrupting the country with prisons for profit; legislature must change.


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2 Responses to "Meria With Daniel Horne – Accidental Felons Sheriff Joe & Andrew Thomas"

  1. Lisa Walker says:

    This book is a must read especially for anyone living in Az. It happened to me.
    I was charged with a “theft by extortion” felony 4 charge and thrown in jail.
    I had no idea what really went on in Phoenix until my eyes were opened with my
    own arrest. Every word of this book is true and truly frightening.
    Lisa Walker

  2. Meria says:

    Having gone through a similar experience in Gila County, I can tell you it’s pervasive. Until people experience the police state and criminal secret grand juries, perjuring police, inept prosecutors, they will never know.
    The author is a HERO in my book.

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