Meria Delivers The News

4/10/14 Meria Delivers the News: gun bracelets? 16 yr old stabs 22 in school; Russia/China decoupling from dollar? Poor moms can’t find jobs; Updates on Fukushima & WIPP; Toyota, Ford recalls; BOA loses; range war? mentally ill in [...]

Meria Delivers The News

1/16/14 Meria Delivers The News: Demand justice for Kelly Thomas; killer cops immunity;Israel wants to forbid the word Nazi; Chelsea Manning gets Sam Adams Integrity Prize; Ed Snowden gets on board with Freedom of the Press Foundation; NYC [...]

Meria Delivers The News

12/19/13 Meria Delivers The News: Plastic money; Target hacked, check your cards; storms in Scotland; austerity in Ireland; Stupid GOP statements; taking your assets after your dead-Obamacare; Woolsey wants Snowden hung; no amnesty for Snowden; [...]

Meria With Guy McPherson Walking Away From Empire

7/10/13 Meria interviews Guy McPherson, Conservation Biologist, Social Critic, Professor and author on his book “Walking Away From Empire”.American empire – constantly at war; Oil War3; cultural programming from birth; better [...]

Meria and Bruce Benefiel -Zendor the Barbarian

6/25/13 Meria with Bruce Benefiel, author, coach, musician, producer on his book “Zendor the Barbarian, Door to What Is..Battling Science and Spirituality to Find Identity and Truth”. Being an orphan and adopted; we pick our parents; [...]