Born in the 1940’s-We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer

11/24/15 Born in the 1940’s, We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer. “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” banned and disappeared by Amazon; Amazon wiped the slate clean and isn’t printing them;Get a free copy of the book at Jim’s [...]

Meria with Rick Simpson -Run From The Cure

11/18/15 Meria interviews Rick Simpson Author & activist on the healing properties of Cannabis. The movie on you tube: Run From the Cure; Instructions to make the oil and how to take it on Rick’s site; Rick is NOT connected to any [...]

News of Planet of the Apes with Meria

10/29/15 News of Planet of the Apes with Meria. China dumps one child policy (overpopulation);Paul Ryan Speaker of the House, who is he?Totally against choice;another fire near St.Louis nuke dump;52 fracking earthquakes in 2 weeks-Kansas;the [...]

Solid Gold: Meria with Kitty Kelley on the Bush Dynasty

10/20/15 After 10 years finally able to reconstruct this fabulous interview with Kitty Kelley on her book “The Family.The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty”. Her own family gave her crap over the book; lost her job on the Washingtonian [...]

Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

8/4/15 Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrologer. The importance of being an informed adviser;currencies are changing, where to invest? Bob Chapman’s work;2 eclipses in Sept – stay tuned;Iran accuses U.S. of weather manipulation;are [...]


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