Meria With Daniel Estulin -TransEvolution, The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction

2/18/14 Meria interviews investigative journalist and best selling author Daniel Estulin on his latest mind blowing book “TransEvolution, The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction”. Who are the Bilderbergs and what have they got planned? [...]
Me & David

Conversations with David with Meria and David Icke

6/18/13 Conversations with David with Meria & David Icke. “The People’s Voice” and synchronicity; what will in entail? “If it’s true it goes to air”; uncensored info for we the people by the people; David [...]
Meria & Jack

Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood

8/24/11 Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood.the anniversary of 9/11 – no first responders, guess that’s why Bush will be there;regime change across the world;Bachmann (pill head) vs. Ron Paul; people are no longer simply [...]
the new hail

Meria With the News

5/23/11 Meria Heller‘s take on the news: Long news show today. Earthquakes abound; Monster storms in MidWest, many dead; Swiss Legislator on the Bilderbergs; Senate sides with big oil despite huge profits; Scots to get screwed on behalf [...]
Manchurian Patsy

Golden Oldie: Meria With Robert Gaylon Ross Sr “Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln,JFK,RFK & MLK”

1/28/11 From the golden vault of the Meria Heller Show is an interview from 8/13/02 with Robert Gaylon Ross Sr. We discuss one of his excellent books “Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK and MLK”. Meria recommends ALL of his [...]