Meria with Daniel Estulin – The Bilderbergs!

Daniel Estulin

3/22/08 Meria interviews author Daniel Estulin on his fabulous book “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group“. The top of the food chain; who are the Bilderbergs? Steering world events and global financial markets; giant cartels destined to control all necessities of life since 1954; Davos vs. the Bilderbergs; CFR, Trilaterals; the Logan Act; following the Bilderbergs; the breakup of Canada; NAU; David Rockefeller; How do they pull it off? Our “candidates” – anointed by the same people; Obama’s controller -Brzezinski; Barry Goldwater; John Edwards chosen by Kissinger for Kerry; Rumsfeld – a Bilderberg; hiking oil prices; zero growth/population reduction; destroying nation states; Venetian Black Nobility; Lou Dobbs; mind control and television; you are not free, in prison, just can’t see the bars; Watergate – a con job; drugs and war; One World Company; money makes it’s own rules; Bloomberg; fighting principle with principle;understanding how money works; and much more.


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2 Responses to "Meria with Daniel Estulin – The Bilderbergs!"

  1. Brian Pomeranz says:

    In min. 55 of this interview, Daniel Estulin mentions that the richest and most influential people are buying land and he specifically sais that this is happening in Argentina and more specifically in Patagonia… interesting thing, this is the only place in my entire life where I heard that… the only place other than PATAGONIA itself ! when I was there in 2002 right after the economic collapse hundreds of thousands of hectares where being sold at literally 1 tenth of their real value and the names that most frequently popped up when talking to the locals was “ted turner” “arnold schwartzenatzi” and a third one that I can’t remember… Meria you are the ONLY other source to ever bring this to light… I continue to be amazed at the enormous value of the education you are providing. Thank you!

  2. meria says:

    You’re most welcome. Most others either don’t know it, or are afraid to talk about it. Thank you for recognizing the value of the work. Now we need the whole world to hear it!

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