Meria Delivers The News

12/26/13 Meria Delivers the News: Edward Snowden’s Christmas Message “Mission Accomplished” (for real); Fukushima’s deadly path;Extreme Arctic methane threat; US sells missiles/drones to Iraq; Christmas bombings in Iraq [...]

Meria With the News

10/18/12 Meria With the News: Earthquakes abound; Paul Ryan’s phony photo op; Romney tells bosses to tell his employees how to vote; Ann Romney “I’m pro-life”; Tucker Carlson says Candy’s fact check equal to Lincoln’s [...]
Swiss Mitt

Meria With the News

9/13/12 Meria With the News: Facebook’s “mental health warning” to CLG’s editor; Explosive Evidence rocks the net; 9th detainee (freed in 2010, still in prison) dies in Gitmo; Base attack in Afghanistan; the SEAL book; [...]
Government Sachs

Meria With the News

                  9/6/12 Meria With the News: Putin and Romney; Hurricane Michael; God & Jerusalem & the Democrips; Hantavirus in France; 7.6 Costa Rica and other quakes; How the GOP can steal the election; Monsanto’s [...]

Meria With The News

2/2/12 Meria With the News: New JFK tapes; Repub.Rep. Laura Bradford excused from DUI; birth control pills recalled; Romney to get Secret Service Protection – screw the poor; Trump endorses Romney; Panetta -end combat in Afghanistan in [...]