Meria With William Blum “Killing Hope, US. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW2”

CIA & Ted OSSman (Bin Laden)

2/8/06 Meria Interviews William Blum who Bin Laden himself read! Why do they hate us? It’s our foreign policy! U.S. imperialism; ambitiously malevolent government;John Foster Dulles; world and space domination; US harbors hundreds of terrorists; American exceptionalism and more.






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2 Responses to "Meria With William Blum “Killing Hope, US. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW2”"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Yes sir ye you’ve got the X factor; I thought I had remember this person from something Richard G had done but you were there before. I’m wondering does he ever go into what they did to him in the books?
    People coming and going, I just don’t know what all to think some times; but still glad I become more awake than ever. My first opening was reading John Perkins book the economic hit man and then it was a long time till I found you.
    The most important intuition I get from this interview is that it is we the American that have to wake and up and correct this. It’s no longer someone else’s problem. But where to begin….Get fluoride out of the water for starts. Maybe charter schools or becoming home schools for other people’s children is the way to go for the future. We got to see the possibilities while Dump is doing all these changes and chaos is abound.
    We gotta sneak in and give it a try.

  2. Meria says:

    That interview was a long time ago, still a treasure. I interviewed John Perkins too, long before most did. I always say my archives are
    a national treasure.

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