Meria With Clint Curtis -Whistleblower on Voting Machine Fraud

He Who Counts The Votes Wins

5/9/06 Clint Curtis, whistleblower on the voting machines flipping votes interviewed by Meria Heller.  Testified to this in Court and still nothing is done. Asked by Tom Feeney to design a program to FLIP the vote; stolen election of 2000; no paper trail; Yang Enterprises and spying for China; and more.


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2 Responses to "Meria With Clint Curtis -Whistleblower on Voting Machine Fraud"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Thank you Meria for posting that. It gives the full history!
    Blessings, MJ

  2. Meria says:

    You’re most welcome. It’s almost boring covering stolen elections at this point. Glad I have my archives so I don’t have to repeat myself. hugs.

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