The Best Democracy Money Can Buy- Greg Palast & Zach Roberts


11/2/16 Meria interviews Greg Palast and Zach Roberts on the excellent film “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”. A must see. Donald’s right – the election is rigged -but by the GOP; Most Secy’s of States are Republicans;Who and what is CrossCheck?30 states now using it;  double votes? where? another form of Ethnic cleansing; lynching by laptop; lifestyles of the rich and shameless; stealing the Senate; millions of votes won’t count or be counted; Bush vs. Gore 2000; now more sophisticated ways of stealing your vote; our elections are the laughing stock of the world; Caging;punishing the homeless and the foreclosed; racist Jim Crow election; the vultures; white party’s last gasp; why not use DataTrust?and much more!





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4 Responses to "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy- Greg Palast & Zach Roberts"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Great Two parter!
    So easy to be upset;
    What people will do to resist change and growth…plus it must be something about I gotta be a winner.
    anyway you slice it, It’s all a bunch of sickos.
    They’ve been dismantling the vote since they took civics out of schools; I won’t be surprised if the propaganda machine has cooked up a new system to explain what they want as an outcome. I just saw part of it I think on PBS tonight; recording the midnight one to see what they’re making up.
    blessings, Love Ya!
    Wish it was last week or I would have bought lots to send to friends. 🙁

  2. Meria says:

    I thought it was a great show too. It’s never too late to educate, they do this EVERY election. Surprised to hear Obama’s speech this afternoon talking about voter suppression, especially the African American votes.

  3. guygirard says:

    Hi Meria great show, here is what i think :

    People must realise these corrupt bastards will never investigate, arrest and sentence themselves and their friends.

    Dismantle the entire system and take them all out of office. Your all fired. Arrest all the bankers and kill the national debt which is a lie to begin with. Repo all the corrupt corporations that realy belong to the people anyway. This IS change anything else is a farce not worth my time. show up by the billions on voting day and arrest the entire lot with citizens arrests. Rebuild the entire constitution not based on Luciferianism ( means throw away all the stupid laws passed by corruption since America was founded and include all people to the table like the Natives who where there before anyone ) That is what i see real change is not voting for a stupid Luciferian puppet in a Luciferian system and stupidly expect change. Cheers 🙂

    We are not only dealing with the UN New World Order Agenda, but the space war going on above us and the Alien controllers from below our feet. All of which is based on Tottal Domination of this planet and its resources ( we are nothing more than food and DNA to them )

    Fortunately we live in a freewill universe, Your WILL is what it is all about. That is the entire reason for so much lies and deceptions, it is to make people give their power away with their freewill. The solution is for people to take back their power by realising they are all divine to begin with. To do this they must heal their inner selves until they reach their inner core, see the truth in all things, hence only then as empowered human beeings can they manifest a new world.

    Wave that flag America

    Hugs Meria

  4. Meria says:

    Excellent commentary. Wave that flag indeed sheeple. Thus my saying “the only ticket out of here is a spiritual one”

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