Meria With Robert Gaylon Ross “The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell the People” continues

8/2/06  Conclusion of a series on “The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell the People” with Meria & Robert Gaylon Ross. When did all the madness begin? Demand truth in politics; national debt; federal reserve; the Electoral College and more solutions presented by Gaylon.




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One Response to "Meria With Robert Gaylon Ross “The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell the People” continues"

  1. Meria says:

    Wow, I just wrapped up your series with Gaylon Ross. He is brilliant and I only wish I knew of your show back in 2006 when I was 17! I don’t think there wasn’t one piece of information that I didn’t agree with 150% about our government. Scary to think that we have only been at “peace” for 16yrs since we founded our country. How can people not open their eyes to what’s going on in our country and around the world. I’m so sick of people calling us informed individuals, conspiracy theorist. And all they can say is, “why would our government want to do that? What do they gain by hurting or killing us?” Is it that hard to follow the money? We aren’t suppose to be living the way we do. The quotes at the end of your last show with Gaylon from Lincoln are pure genius and actually logical. Makes you wonder if he wasn’t from our world or way before his time.
    All in all, loved the series and I’m waiting for his books to come in!
    Thanks again meria, glad to call you my friend and teacher.

    Much love,

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