Meria With Shelly Kalnitsky – Cell Phones and Your Health!

Cell Phone Danger

2/29/08 Meria interviews Shelly Kalnitsky of cprnews.com about cell phone dangers. Is that call giving you a tumor? the laws on cell phone and driving; feel heat, headaches, short term memory loss, loss of sleep?; wired headsets 3x the radiation; radiation bouncing in your car; does radiation protection work? British govt – no one under 9 can use cell phones; Johnny Cochran’s brain tumor death; peer pressure on our kids; microwave tower dangers; cordless phone dangers; fertility and cell phones; Where’s the press? Look up your phone at cnet.com; autism, cancer; cooking an egg with your cell phone; EMR and SAR; radio waves vs. microwaves; what can you do? (see link at footer on site); sores on your ears; antenna boosters and more.


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