Meria With David Blume – How To Fight Big Oil & Fix The Planet

David Blume - the Answer Man!

12/1/08 Meria’s 3rd segment with David Blume, permaculturist, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas“. Ethanol and the atmosphere; we are living on a wisp on a ball travelling through space; alcohol is 98% pollution free compared to gasoline; clean burning fuel very important; keeping your oil clean and engine new; the Asian brown cloud now 10% of California’s smog; carbon dioxide and water vapor; methane; hydrogen – water vapor dissolving the coral reef; the acidification of the ocean; acid rain and fossil fuel burning; Boston’s acidic water; the price of gas and elections; Conservation; what is permaculture? “waste not, want not”; organic farms yield larger crops; Dave’s patent to destroy Monsanto; carbon dioxide enrichment; liquified solar energy; corporate personhood; does you car need to be modified to run on alcohol? convert your car, see his site; bailing out the auto industry? Make them change their warranties to cover alcohol; flex fuel vehicles; solving our economic crisis with alcohol and more.


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