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Send In the Clowns Alright!

Newest “Send in the Clowns” with Meria & Dave McGowan. “American Pie” – lyrics reference a series of tragedies; Gram Parsons, only one solo album; who was his girlfriend? Flying Burritos; Phil Kaufman-buddy of Manson; Was Brian Jones murdered? Peter Torks Laurel Canyon home; the Altamont “free concert” with a murder in front of the stage while the band played on;murderer gets murdered; George Lucas was there along with Vito & the Freaks; the set-up of a ritual murder; Why did the Stones hire the Hells Angels for protection? Who is Owsley, Mr. LSD; STP – a biowarfare agent; Grams house burned down; out of service hearse picked up Grams body then ritually burned it; and more of the usual unusual stuff at LC.


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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    As a fellow astrologer you’ll find quite interesting, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir and the other members of the Grateful Dead had a professional astrologer that charted the energies that would possibly be present at their shows – I saw a book at a used book store that had a bunch of them but I didn’t purchase it. Anyways, that ‘court’ astrologer and several others warned Jerry and Co. that the energies for that day were terrible and to change the weekend of the festival. That whole Stones tour had issues and Mick’s ego wanted his ‘Woodstock West’ to be larger than his inflated sense of self. The show went on and the Hell’s Angels even knocked out Marty Balin on stage singing a peaceful ballad and left him unconscious. The Jefferson Airplane didn’t want the HA there to begin with, so they just split. Between Altamont and Manson and Vietnam and the Assassinations,the 60’s died.

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