Meria With Dr. John MacDougall – Indigestion

Dr.John McDougall – Genius!

4/1/09 Meria with Dr. John McDougall on his latest book “Digestive Tune-Up”. What his patients taught him; from a stroke to windsurfing – how does he do it? The power of cheap food – amazing!; save money and your health; Informed Consent bill in California; Diabetic pills include risk of heart disease and death; type 2 diabetes caused & cured by diet; Is heart surgery of value? How much? the 3 sisters; reverse disease by changing your diet; irritable bowel syndrome – cure it in 3-4 days; hemorrhoids – what causes it? why the resistance to changing one’s diet; eating STARCH is good for you; does gas have a purpose? putrification of animal products – bad breath and gas; what causes the odor? sulfur in animals products; tuna- high in sulfur; hal-meter; does stress play a role? milk AGGREVATES ulcers; H.pylori-stomach full of the wrong foods and more.


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