Send In the Clowns – with Meria & Dave McGowan

Laurel Canyon - Back in the Day

4/30/09 Latest episode of “Send In the Clowns” with Meria & Dave McGowan. This one has a few surprises in it! Buffalo Springfield – the lst supergroup and the legends surrounding it; AWOL navy man – Rick James; the story of Neil Young, Stills; Neil’s hearse; the Dillards; the meteoric rise of Buffalo Springfield; opening for the Stones; Young, Furay, Messina drug busts – nothing happened; very few drafted, why? Laurel Canyon stars: no jail, no draft; Corporate folk rock; who owned Atlantic records? Ertegun and Phil Spector; Were they really a threat to the status quo? Stephen Stills military dad; Is “For what it’s worth” an odd protest song? no one paid any dues; The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield; Colombia records – D.C.; Although many were Canadian nationals, none were busted; Phil Spectors conviction; John Denver, Steppenwolf, Peter Tork and more.


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