Send In the Clowns – Meria & Dave McGowan -Laurel Canyon

6/22/09 Latest episode of Send in the Clowns with Meria & Dave. The saga of Laurel Canyon continues. Why has this story been hidden all these years? Dave & Laurel Canyon; Who were these people? Who were their fathers? Gene Clark – a neighbor of David Carradine in LC; Dewey Martins death; suicides by hanging; the Buffalo Springfield vs. the Monkees; the strange homes of LC; underground tunnels; Sparrows & Steppenwolf;  why no Motown or black artists in Laurel Canyon? Alice Cooper & the Sunset Strip (reincarnated witch?); Who was Dr. Eugene Landy? Therapist to the stars, or handler? Who did he treat; James Taylor – former mental patient; Glen Campbell “Draft dodgers should be hung”; were they really protest songs? the riot on Sunset Strip; “Eve of Destruction”; and more.


Laurel Canyon

What Next?

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