Send In the Clowns with Meria & Dave McGowan – Laurel Canyon

5/25/10 Send in the Clowns returns! So does Laurel Canyon! Meria Heller & Dave McGowan. Who was Gene Clark? The Byrds; Mackenzie Phillips; David Carradine, Roman Polanski; the summer solstice and the occult in Laurel Canyon; Was Gene’s sister sacrificed on the solstice? Why the strange burial? Inbreeding; multi-generational cult; dead on the solstice; Gene’s dead body and the crowd around it; prolific songwriter, worth more dead than alive? mental illness throughout his family; 10 siblings – 7 with mental illness; Father, former military man (with mental problems); knives and guns; todays talent and celebrities – why? New Christy Minstrels gig; All the Byrds dodged the draft (so did Gene); Gene’s wife into the occult; the “Bundy Drive Boys” – who were they and what were they; Dennis Hopper & Gene – OTO members; Terry Messina – drug dealing g/f of Gene; Partying with LBJ’s daughters; dropping acid with the Beatles; David Carradine at Gene’s funeral (strange); all that and no one’s heard of Gene today….


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