Meria With Cynthia McKinney – An American Patriot!

8/10/09 Meria interviews former 6 term Congresswoman, Green Party Candidate for President 2008, Cynthia McKinney. The nomination of Barack Obama and his party; torture, rendition, war and occupation continues in a nicer face; bailouts; no such thing as a jobless recovery;”We need to hurry or we’ll lose this country”; FBI-labels Georgia Green Party a terrorist org!; Cynthia’s KIDNAPPING and ARREST and IMPRISONMENT in Israel and the missing media (no Clinton rescue either); the special interest media; Israel has annexed intl. waters too; Trauma and abuse; Zionists in office – where are their loyalties? AIPAC’s power; Being a black woman; Counter-intelligence program; single-payer; Cynthia’s father; black life in the South; attacks on Cynthia & human rights; stolen election of 2000; 9/11/01; Bush Admin; Wake up America! “Republicans have deceived us, Democrats have failed us”.


Cynthia McKinney - American Patriot

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