Meria With Marino Amoruso – Italians in America

9/9/09 Meria Interviews Producer Marino Amoruso on his excellent film “Pride & Passion: The Italians In America“. Italians were stricken out of American history; how the media portrays Italians; discovery and founding of America; Americo Vespucci – America named for him; Verrazano discovered Manhattan; Henry Fonda – family came over in 1600’s; Bruce Springsteen; 10% of Washington’s army were Italians; 2 Italian signers on the Declaration of Independence; Filippo Mazea & Thomas Jefferson; Monticello – little mountain in Italian; JFK on Mazzea; Washington,DC built by Italian artisans/builders; peasant food; respect in Italian culture; stereotype; who established/back Hollywood? BOA began as the Bank of Italy; Italians in internment camps during WW2; prejudice against Italians; The Ellis Island experience; 1 million Italians killed in Holocaust; how much did we lose? Famous Italians you may or may not know: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joe DiMaggio; Italians in sports and so much more. Where is any of this in our history books?


Italians in America (Meria too!)

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  1. guygirard says:

    loved it,

    Kinda nostalgic too in the sense of how the dam Anunnaki destroy anything good to bring in the next batch of suffering target population.

    They must have war at all costs so tired of thst BS

    cheers 🙂

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