Send In the Clowns with Meria & Dave McGowan -Waggin the Moondoggie

9/23/09 Latest “Send in the Clowns” with Meria & Dave. Today we take a break from Laurel Canyon and go to the Moon! The moon hoax – what the lie says about the world we live in; why no return by any nation in 50 years? Moon-234,000 miles away – usual space flight? under 400 miles; Apollo lauches were real – trip – not; Lucky lst try?Moon lift off? lost technology of the sixties; consumer technology of the 60’s and aerospace technology; Where are the blueprints?Rocks?films?Records? Ship was 12 ft in diameter; folding land rovers? where’d they put all the “stuff”; battery power? 13,000 reels of mixed data missing; changing the tape speed on film – normal shots; Apollo missions as distractions from Vietnam, MaiLai Massacre, Phoenix Program, Pentagon papers; war ended and so did the Apollo program.


Fly Me To the Moon

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