Meria With Mario Cifaldi – Colloidal Silver – What is it?

10/27/09 Meria interviews Mario Cifaldi about Colloidal silver, and what it’s all about. What is it? Ionic silver -suspension of ions and particles in a water based solution; silver inside the body; can you turn blue? getting ions into the bloodstream without salt; colloidal silver – super percentage of silver particles; silver as an antibiotic; reathing silver; can you overdose on silver? silver chloride; how to use silver for burns, cuts, wounds and many uses; how Meria uses silver; how far back doe use of silver go? anti fungal property; banning silver as a supplement? non toxic, non heavy metal without side effects; why make your own silver? appliances made with silver; home uses for silver; kills parasites and germs; building the silver generator; how to use a nebulizer; H1N1 – specific respiratory disease; a medical device on the cheap and more. (see link on bottom of site to get your own).


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