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11/25/09 Latest “Send In the Clowns” with Meria & Dave McGowan. The Moon story continues getting more implausible as we go along; the moon documentaries on Netflix; “Moon Machines”, 6 part Science Channel series; astronaut Jim Lovell on lunar module construction of thin flimsy materials; How could it be pressurized? Were the modules packed? clean room and moon dust; Apollo 13 – 3 astronauts in the space for 2? 4 days straight? Playtex space suits – Intl. Latex Corp (correction: Jane Russell and the bra, not Rosalind); Mercury 7; NASA created in 1958, few years to the Moon? mission control – wasn’t computers you saw- Jack Garman; All control equipment ran off 1 mainframe computer (laptop capacity); Ship had the computing power of a digital watch; John Houbolt – dropped out of history; 3 layers of Reynolds wrap; and more “stuff”.


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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    I need Astronaut Diapers just to get through this series. Great dialogue. I knew it was a fraud too – the way they were jumping all around looked wrong. When ‘Capricorn One’ came out,my mother reminded me that the Moon Landing in ’69 was faked, just like the movie, (which broke my brother’s Boy Scout heart), but she said ‘Don’t be fooled – that whole thing was poorly made at a back-lot somewhere near the desert’. ‘Listen to your Mother’ they say.

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