Dave McGowan-In His Own Words


6/25/15 Meria Interviews Dave McGowan on his cancer and treatment. Hear Dave in his own words about what’s going on; from healthy to dead man walking in months? WTF; symptoms out of the blue;his treatment course;medical marijuana WORKS; most effective treatment for chemo side effects. Your moral support means a ton to Dave, keep it coming. If you can help out financially go to his site and donate www.davesweb.cnchost.com.









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3 Responses to "Dave McGowan-In His Own Words"

  1. kuzadd2@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks so much for this Meria! And thanks to Dave too, for doing this for all of us who have been concerned about his health and well being- MY hubby and I are rooting for him all the way! If I could make one suggestion? If Dave has any opportunity to get into a forest, a beautiful green space to let himself be washed in the forest- believe it or not, but, it’s true the tree emit healing energy for humans- this ain’t woowoo stuff either- this is fact


    “studies on immune function looked into whether forest bathing increases the activity of people’s natural killer (NK) cells, a component of the immune system that fights cancer. In two studies, small groups of men and women respectively were assessed before and after a two-night/three-day forest bathing trip. During the trips the subjects went on three forest walks and stayed in a hotel in the forest. Blood tests were taken before and after the trip, revealing a significant boost in NK activity in the subjects in both groups”

    I am almost finished a book called your brain on nature and the authors delve into this subject in more detail- so Dave, take a forest bath, take several of them and let the good energy envelope you 🙂

  2. Meria says:

    You are welcome. I absolutely agree. Reading a book called “Anastasia” which was gifted to me by a student. The ringing Cedars are honored in it, along with healing nature. Passed your note onto Dave.

  3. one4you says:

    Thank you Meria. Been sending him Light and Love. It is good to hear him on the show in good spirits.

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