Meria With Michael Murphy – What In the World Are They Spraying?

8/24/10 Meria Heller interviews Michael J .Murphy, independent journalst, filmmaker and political activist on Chemtrails. Michael is working on a full length move “What In the World Are They Spraying”.These pictures were taken by Meria RIGHT after the show! Aerosol spraying in the sky; toxic to human health and the ecology; What was going on in 1995? Michael at the geo-engineering conference in L.A. – solar radiation management? stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering; contrails or chemtrails? aluminum and barium – not tested, yet falling from our skies; weather modification; weather warfare; massive die-off of trees; ph changes due to heavy doses of aluminum and barium; Mt. Shasta’s testing; ER packed on heavy spray days; GMO seeds; depopulation agenda of the elite; aluminum resistant seeds in Hawaii; psyop; controlling the worlds food; Question it! Test it! bees and amphibian declines; the chemistry of our streams have changed; polymers, Mogellons and chemtrails; spraying warms the planet more; we have an “elite” problem; spiritual implications; what to do about it?


Chemtrail Grid

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3 Responses to "Meria With Michael Murphy – What In the World Are They Spraying?"

  1. Brian Pomeranz says:

    Amazing show, Meria. Once again you prove that supporting your show is the BEST investment I can make on education for my life and my loved ones. THANK YOU.

  2. meria says:

    Thanks Brian. When I say my show is a life saver, I mean it. Thank you!

  3. terry walker says:

    Interesting… I listened to tomorrow’s show and commented on it before I listened to this show and heard most of what I put in my other comment validated on this show with one very important exception — that of the problem of overpopulation.

    Yes humans are “natural” but so are raccoons. When the tourists in Yosemite Nat’l Park thought it was cute to feed the raccoons and make their food garbage available to them their numbers grew out of control. At some point there was a huge die-off through illness and the inability to access this “unnatural” food source as before. There is a very easily trackable trajectory of populations in nature growing beyond sustainability during peak food years or when their predators numbers are in decline for some reason. It’s always associated with an eventual die-off until their numbers come back down to what their environment can support.

    These days the world lives mainly on future fantasies, our food is poisoned and controlled, the dollar is backed by NOTHING, the pharmaceutical industry in collusion with the AMA and FDA are certainly out to kill us and yet we argue about “healthcare” as though it were actually available. Democracy has been dead at least since FDR yet we get all worked up about elections which almost NEVER deliver what the majority of people actually want. We’re in a state of thought-crippling cognitive dissonance, riding in a hot air balloon due to run out of steam while we’re miles in the sky with our skewed ideas of what it means to be human.

    People have children without worrying how they will pay for them, expecting big daddy government to do it. The Seven Generations rule is completely unheard of. Children are drugged and ignored and old people die alone in geriatric facilities. I couldn’t be happier I didn’t have children and I question the sanity of anyone who does in the current socio-economic-political landscape. Not to mention the chemtrails!

    p.s. I’m actually a happy person, I swear!

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