Meria With David Icke – Avatar, the Moon and More!

Is the Moon What It's Cracked Up to Be?

9/22/10 Meria interviews David Icke on the continuing series based on his latest book “Human Race Get Off Your Knees, the Lion Sleeps No More”. The control system of this world weakens, it is in process of being replaced; we are the ones we’ve been waiting for; knowledge, information, potential for change is already here; The Moon as a hollow construct? Earth was a paradise before the Moon; “Avatar” the history of Earth; moon and madness; Monarchy or Moon-archy? serpent worship; Davids travels and lectures; Sumerian accounts; Moon’s magnetic field and the Earth; Sun was female energy – what happened? people ARE awakening world wide; energetic connections; vibration and wave forms; decoding the physical world; holograms; “Icke’s a Nutter”; open your mind and your right brain. Supernatural vs. natural; the Annunaki and other legends.


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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    My new cure for migraine headaches is to listen to your interview(s) with David Icke!!! I woke up with a mean headache this morning, but still turned on my computer to tune into your show, as is my usual routine every day. I started concentrating so hard on what you two were saying that my headache just evaporated. Yay!!!!

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