Send In the Clowns – The Lincoln Series Begins!

A Case For Reincarnation?

4/20/11 Send In the Clowns returns with Meria & Dave McGowan on “The Lincoln Series”. Lincoln’s assassination rolling out by Hollywood, the entertainment arm of the CIA; Idolizing Lincoln? Why? 4/14/1865; multiple layers of lies is the official story; Learn about Lincoln as you never did; Lincoln and his wife were despised; was Mary Lincoln a spy? Lincoln was a corporate attorney; John Wilkes Booth -small part of a larger conspiracy; was Lincoln really the 16th President of the United States? Succession and the civil war; JW Booth an actor with deep political connections, the ugliest man alive; mind control; the Hellfire Club; 10 main conspirators according to official “story”; from kidnapping to murder; the simultaneous attacks that day; Mary Surratt; suicides, murders, insanity; Thomas “Boston” Corbett (Jack Ruby of assassination); who was punished, who wasn’t. This kicks off just the start of our Lincoln series. Stay tuned.



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3 Responses to "Send In the Clowns – The Lincoln Series Begins!"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Fantastic interview! I can hardly wait for the next installment to find out the real circumstances on who whacked Honest Abe and why. By the way, reading Dave McGowan’s series on Laurel Canyon, was how I originally stumbled upon the Meria Heller show.

  2. maureen o'brien says:

    I was trying to refrain from blowing up the comments section, but I just can’t help it ! You were letting Dave roll on and all over Dis-Honest Abe, and your astute and hilarious interjections had me and even a Blue Pill friend in tears. I had recently learned that Lincoln’s real last name was ‘Springstien’ and guess who he’s related to? Maybe Laurel Canyon can tie in via Bruce. Also, I am going to buy ‘Programmed to Kill’ because like Ed, it was through Dave’s Web that I discovered you and the research you do to keep us informed of all of the lying liars and filthy lies they tell us and our children in ‘school’.

  3. maureen o'brien says:

    Oh crap! Forgot to mention Abe had a buddy like J.Edgar Hoover for the years he spent with Mary ‘Fraud’ Todd – anti-abolitionist Southern Bloodliner,.whose family wreath may include the ;Collins’ Illuminati family, not to mention her siblings (male) that fought for the Confederacy as well as her sister’s husbands. Mary could have assisted in her husband’s public execution as well. Follow the everything.

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