Meria With John Loftus – America’s Nazi Secret

Nazi’s Everywhere!

6/7/11 Meria interviews John Loftus, former US government prosecutor, former Army officer, author of many books on his latest “America’s Nazi Secret“. 1/3 of modern history is classified! Nazi’s on the CIA payroll dumped here by Britain during WW2; 2 CIA’s? death threats; Arab nazi’s; the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist org everywhere but America; Bush/Dulles families – Nazi backers; Justice Dept (no justice in it) hid Nazi’s from Truman; the shroud of National security; Corporate control and corp. civil rights in America; what can we do about it? US Dept of Justice most corrupt corporation on Earth;Operation Paperclip – was it propaganda/cover up? Bush-CIA-Hoover-Eisenhower-Reagan-Kissinger; “Crusade for Freedom”; 90% stupidity, 10% conspiracy; Reagan a spy; “The Witness Tree”; Disney, Limburgh; Kissinger – intelligence officer in WW2; Arab oil and terrorism; Bush’s $11.2 Trillion of Debt dumped on Obama; We’ve followed Dulles Foreign Policy since the Eisenhower administration; the Vatican/Nazi’s/ Swiss Banks; Nazi scientists and germ warfare in the US – Lyme Disease; Avian virus? and loads more.




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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Had to study before I heard this one! Erik Orion could concur about the lovely type of Nazi’s we patriated (Hitler, Mengele, Gehlen) He’s got the pictures – haven’t read either book, yet, but the farther out it sounds, the better the likelihood of it being the truth. Instant classic!

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