Meria With Glenn Walp, Ph.D on the Security Dangers at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

10/18/11 Meria Interviews Glenn A.Walp, Ph.D, in Law Enforcement/Security  for decades on his excellent expose’ “Implosion At Los Alamos:How Crime, Corruption and Cover Ups Jeopardize America’s Nuclear Weapons Secret”.  Major security lapses at Los Alamos; hundreds of computers, etc missing, millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars gone; the real and present threat to National Security; If someone is willing to steal, they could be willing to “deal”; NIF division; why isn’t our military protecting these labs? missing hard drives; the University of California; “Distrust and caution are the parents of security” – Ben Franklin; terrorists and nuclear access; failed security exercises with foreknowledge!; threats to whistleblowers; fired for doing your job; chance of a nuclear accident worse than Chernobyl; 2010-review shows continuing problems; plutonium storage; nuclear triggers/pits on an earthquake fault; how a meth addict took home top secrets; poor inventory control; was an ex-worker suicided? Add this to govt waste and our economy, plus our security.




Thank you for having me on your show. You are an awesome interviewer, leading the topic into the salient areas of interest.
Also, much thanks for placing a link to my site on your site.
Thanks for everything Meria – have a great day………………….Glenn

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