Meria With Dr. Yolande Lucire, Forensic Psychiatrist on Dangers of Prescription Drugs

4/3/12 Meria interviews Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire of Australia about the dangers of antidepressants and what they are doing to our society; Are you diagnosing yourself? Should any type of doctor prescribe antidepressants? 1 of 5 on antidepressants in Australia; Only 2.7% helped by drugs; Suicidal, murderous thoughts,dementia, death as “side” effects; are kids psychotic? Schools get $$ for putting kids on drugs; untested drugs for under 18 used on kids; double the suicide rate in kids on antidepressants (up to 6x); chemicals into an under-developed brain;school massacres and prescribed drugs; psychotic or toxic? drug interactions; neuro-transmitters; from normal to homicidal; anesthesia cools and warms down the brain; genetic testing; 2D6, 2C9, 2c19; pain killers don’t work with antidepressants; Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger; Since the release of antidepressants 20x the amounts of suicides; temporary reactive psychosis; and lots more. What did the textbooks say in the 60’s? benefit from Dr. Lucire’s 45 years of experience.





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4 Responses to "Meria With Dr. Yolande Lucire, Forensic Psychiatrist on Dangers of Prescription Drugs"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    No wonder so many people in this country are addicted and toxic, but in remain in chronic pain and never get “cured.” The good doctor says that pain meds don’t work when you are taking anti-depressants….and that doctors and pharmacists should know that because it is not only contained in all their college textbooks, but in the “rap” sheets included in the packaging that comes with the drugs. Just that one little kernel of information was amazingly valuable to learn, but she had a whole HOUR of kernels. This interview should be aired as a public service on PBS stations all over the country,

  2. Meria says:

    I thought it was great. I sent it to Gary Null’s Network for replay that Saturday and had it at the free show link for a week. Hopefully many availed themselves of the info. Heck, my whole site is priceless info! Everyone in the world should subscribe!

  3. mysticjanet says:

    Thanks for moving this to your front page; it really helped with where I was at this past month. No wonder there is a big problem with these medications and all designed to hurt us. Yep they were designer drugs for sure.
    and we had to lose the Great Michael Jackson and others because Doctors are uneducated; who would have thought this was to be.
    Blessings and Love, MJ

  4. Meria says:

    I change the front page weekly so people can see just some of the wonderful information in the archives if they don’t feel like surfing through decades of them! Glad you enjoyed it.

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