Meria with Gilad Atzmon-The Wandering Who? Jewish Identity Politics

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4/11/12 Meria interviews Gilad Atzmon on his excellent book “The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics”. What’s in a name? Israel is a state, Palestine is the land; anti-semitism; few Jews can claim origin in Palestine; initial Zionist plan; Nationalism created unpaid armies; disarm Israel; the Jewish state; the “chosen” ones; exceptionalism in USA and Israel; losing the American dream; what is a zionist? anti-semitism feeds the Israeli project; Jewish anti-zionism; Iran- PRE traumatic stress; Israel the only aggressor; who controls world politics ? AIPAC pushing for war; Jewish religion follows the Talmud not the Bible; Jewish secularization; US & Israel – Old Testament driven; what was the biggest victim of WW2? NWO and the Zionist agenda; new Nazi’s? American politics cheaper than tanks; Americans fighting Israel’s wars; Palestine is worse than Nazi Germany; complicity of citizens; the Protocols of Zion; and lots more.









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7 Responses to "Meria with Gilad Atzmon-The Wandering Who? Jewish Identity Politics"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    I can never remember, are the Nazis the “chosen people” and the Jews the “master race” or is it the other way around? Good show. I will add his book to my list to be read. Eddie.

  2. Meria says:

    Chosen by who? The reptilians? lol Ego-centrics aren’t limited to Americans….

  3. Rosemary says:

    absolutely fabulous interview
    so good I listened twice, consecutively
    I have heard Gilad interviewed previously, he is always insightful
    A thinker. There is a shortage of those in the world!
    Thanks so much Meria

  4. Meria says:

    you’re welcome. I thought it was fabulous too!

  5. Deborah Alexander says:

    What a great interview. His point about all of us who supposedly live in a democracy being complicit in the horrors that happen is a good one, but as happened in Nazi Germany, even those of us with a conscience and a conviction that so much evil is being done in our name (and with our tax dollars), we feel helpless to actually “do” anything. We are all kept so very busy keeping our heads down and hoping that “they” won’t come for us. Unfortunately, “they” ARE coming for us, as you point out every single day, in every single show.

  6. Cures Riches says:

    I could almost all-caps yell about this one. On the one hand a thoughtful criticism of the political dementia of his national origin and on the other hand from a global scale perspective dangerously avoiding the grossly evident. Six million (80% of their designation) freakishly worked to death as slaves is not the same. Edward Safranskis’ comment is a more humorous effort at exposing the hypocrisy, however my Scottish heritage as a Canadian allows a more forceful WA. So here we are in 2012 with Berlusconi as the incarnation of Mussolini looking for his spirit spouse Hitler or some combination of idiots similar to WW1 for WW3. He hides in buffoonery and humor but let’s get real. Berlusconi is 1000 times richer and greedier than the other G8 leaders combined. At scale the other leaders are the size of his finger tips. As the THE most expert daemonic freak he simply wants a sh/t load of murder to satisfy his desire of being as rich and powerful in his next incarnation. A world war is his necessary distraction. Please don’t think that because he’s not in office now that it’s over. For other readers, parliamentary politics allows more than two terms.
    I would encourage you to seek out the criticism in Italy from Sabina Guzzanti, Daniele Luttazzi, and Beppe Grillo. Beppe has an English blog site so he might be able to offer an english interview.
    A thousand times… so big that most can’t see it!!! Still a fan of your efforts Meria, Let’s raise some Heller.
    PS for a little good news… about 200,000 demonstrators for the recent earth day in Montreal.

  7. Meria says:

    Great news about Montreal! WW3 is on deck with or without Berlusconi. Send me Beppe Grillo’s site if you have it.

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