Meria With Ellen Brown – The Public Banking Solution

images 2/25/14 Meria Interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, Candidate for Treasurer in Calif on Green Party Ticket on her latest book “The Public Banking Solution”. Recent bankers deaths – LIBOR?fraud?fear?; what happened to Jerry Brown? Can public banking save California? 1,000% interest? usury; the money influence in Congress, Judiciary, etc; the problem with debt is the interest; credit cards hidden costs; Bank of No.Dakota; Quakers public banking; Reinstate Glass-Steagall; China and Germany’s banks; how to fix the banking and credit crisis; corporate money; credit is money; Elizabeth Warren; bringing banking back to the Post Office; unbanked and underbanked; Costa Rica nationalized their banks; tuition in America and college debt; Could another crash like 2008 happen again?




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3 Responses to "Meria With Ellen Brown – The Public Banking Solution"

  1. shaun70a says:

    Finally got round to listening to this, I’ll be cheering Ellen on from here in the UK. We could learn a lot! Good luck!

  2. Meria says:

    if they really wanted solutions, we’d have them.

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I have definitely been suspicious about the recent phony-sounding “suicides.” I continue to think that it is much more likely that these were all a potential wave of new whistleblowers who needed to be removed from the equation.

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