Meria with James McCanney on Climate vs Weather


6/3/14 Meria interviews James McCanney,physicist, author, mathematician for a second time. Canada’s ban on climate change talk; Rothschilds and the weather sites; what causes the weather?energy and electricity passing the Earth all the time;ignoring the wind;oil and water as control mechanisms;will cities sink?what causes sinkholes?the coldest winter on record;climate cooling;”Homeowners Tax Relief Program”-eliminating ownership of private property;no democracy or republic in the USA; Fukushima is all over the world; nuclear energy was never necessary;Atlantis was a worldwide empire; how was it powered? Tesla;we don’t have climate change we have weather;rainbows-what causes them?why chemtrails?Snowden-Monsanto-Spraying;couldn’t do it without govt. permission;space is ever changing;Tier 2 science;How old is Earth?What is the Moon? NASA “never a straight answer”; Russia’s space program leagues ahead of ours; Van Allen Belt – did we ever go to the Moon? NASA destroyed all pics and data from Moon “missions” and more.





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6 Responses to "Meria with James McCanney on Climate vs Weather"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Yes,yes, more, more. Gotta love the real truth!

  2. Meria says:

    Yes. Now I need ALL your help to figure out a catchy name for our segment!

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Talk about a show where my head was spinning with new information!! I was very glad to hear that James McCanney verified the information you and Dave McGowan presented quite awhile ago in your Moon Doggie series.

  4. mysticjanet says:

    SS scientific Solidarity
    Flight Express
    Learning with James
    Weather or not

  5. clintcaverne says:

    Meria. Great shows again this week. Nothing like getting Blasted 2X and then other very informative and enjoyable shows. As they say in Ecuador–Muy Fantastico. y Gracias.


  6. Meria says:

    thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.

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