Meria With Karen Noe “Your Life After Their Death”


9/10/14 Meria interviews spiritual medium Karen Noe on her book “Your Life After Their Death, A Medium’s Guide to Healing After A Loss”.  How to grieve and communicate with those who have departed; the energy of who we are continues; energy always transforms and never dies; real hope exists if you’re open to it; Death is hardest on survivors; “luce Lucina”; Asking for signs from loved ones – how? recognizing signs;why people fear death;what happens to us after we die;do pet spirits continue too? What Dreams May Come; develop your ability; the value of a plant based diet and nature where spirituality is concerned; locking us into the Matrix; guilt and blame; we leave when we choose to; does the personality continue after death? Raising your vibration – Reiki; setting intentions; quieting the mind; dreams – which are true visitations which aren’t; letter writing and much more. Very fun show. Great book.










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2 Responses to "Meria With Karen Noe “Your Life After Their Death”"

  1. dkdd says:

    I loved this show, very good and informative. Thanks so much for sharing during this show Meria.

  2. Meria says:

    thank you. Didn’t know if I over-shared, but truth is truth and there it is. My life is an open book. A strange book, but open! lol

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