True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney

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9/16/14 True Science Hour with Meria and James McCanney. The Vatican funded telescopes in Az, S.America and Antarctic – what are they looking for? Is Halle-Bopp Niburu? Why the interest in the Southern Hemisphere? NASA looks for a direct hit, what about action at a distance? Will man survive? Resource consumption out of control – no backups; US Military uses 70% of the worlds resources;Coal or nuclear? Fukushima;our violent youth; what’s causing it? Build a wing generator for under $100 -Jame’s new book “McCanney Wing Generator, World Energy Project” available on his website;what did Tesla know; alternatives that don’t work by design -profit is in the subsidies;solar vs. wind energy;technology for electric cars already there;converting our current electrical grid; A Smart Grid isn’t smart;Distributed energy;EMP’s  travel at the speed of light, can they take down all our grid at once? Will we experience a false flag?







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