Golden Oldie: Death With Dignity


12/24/14 Golden Oldie: Meria interviews Scott Swenson of “Death With Dignity National Center”, Oregon. Political action fund. Originally aired on 6/8/04. Excellent show.












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One Response to "Golden Oldie: Death With Dignity"

  1. guygirard says:

    nice take on this Meria

    The satanist medical system is a scam to begin with it is more a death care system to take souls into this life through their system them leave it Under their control with maximum pain and suffering.

    Modern médicine is poison for frofit, they are not invested in curing anyone

    Religions are all Anunnaki inventions and their goals are mind control to trap souls at death into their incarnation machine. There are rings around this planet in the 4rth dimention one for each religion for that purpose. The machine itself is Inside the Moon and it is dimensional
    the concepts of heaven and hell are all mind control to entrain souls into their hijacked incarnation trap.

    In the real Living Library one had complete freedom to come and go and tailor their experience as they saw fit for their own goals

    Enki has created a prison body, very limitted in frequency controlled and monitored from the 4rth dimension by the Ego ( back door into your mind ) by the Watchers ( angels and demons)

    Everything about the Anunnaki is about Domination and Control of all that is for their own use

    great subject


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