Meria With Bev Conover – Year in Review


1/6/15 Meria does her annual review of the news with Bev Conover, Editor of The Intrepid Report. The biggest stories of the year;2014 -politicians, preachers and right wingers;Corporate media is the problem for ignorance in America;minimum wage;Russia and Putin, the engineering coup; WW3? rupugs and loons take over Congress;do elections save us? matter? Jeb Bush destroyed Florida;militarized police;Ferguson;trillions for war, cutting food stamps; former soldiers as cops;police protect the system, not us;9/11/01 brought us to where we are now;Canada;wealth gap; MH370;Secret Service blunders;pot;manipulated oil prices;Obamacare;ebola;Fukushima;BRICS nations;Cuba; Bush/Cheney torture report;SONY hack and so much more.








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