Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove

tragedy-and-hope-for-uhl-1024x576 11/30/16  Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove.  The latest stolen election; voting makes no difference in our will and what ends up; Twain on voting;OWO;psychological warfare; trumps cabinet; trump a front man;bi-partisan corruption;power involves deception;Clint Curtis (see archives); William Blum (see archives) Comey-friends of Hillary; HSBC board member; draining the swamp? DC is built on a swamp; Standing Rock – militarized police with war machine against individuals;Absence of reason and logic;MSM; Rothschilds;social experiments; cartel capitalism; rise of tyranny; future of freedom? what do we need?Support Richards Indiegogo here!





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3 Responses to "Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove"

  1. one4you says:

    Great Show Meria… One of the best common sense views on the election and the scam that it is. I enjoyed every minute.

  2. Patricia says:

    Always love your shows with Richard Grove and his
    Bigger picture perspective.
    Please keep them coming…the more often, the better!
    Thanks Meria.

  3. Meria says:

    Will do. As often as possible. hugs

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