Conversations with David Icke & Meria

 12/14/16 Conversations With David Icke & Meria. David’s world tour; blocking and censoring real news on social media;Pizzagate;discrediting what is actually true; good disinformation is never 100% wrong; fake news hoax; have to go deep within the rabbit hole to find answers;5 senses; what happened to the anti-war movement? Obama -change? Trump-change? Trumps cabinet; the party of Goldman Sachs & Rothschilds;stay above the system;Iran-China-Russia (more than one way to skin a cat); inverted world; what’s the end game? Nightmare? perception and deception got trump win; Fukushima – why is this still allowed to radiate the world? Death cult and more.








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8 Responses to "Conversations with David Icke & Meria"

  1. guygirard says:

    Great show Meria and posted my comments on your Facebook page for this show

    Loved it.


  2. Meria says:

    thank you! Saw your posts on f/b.

  3. mysticjanet says:

    Thank you for filling in the gaps.I don’t do social media except Twitter but stopped recently when they sent out a new terms of service which I have not read yet. But they state if you use it after they sent out the information you are agreeing to it. (all this new morale code of Buyer beware!-Not Kennedy time at all-(thinking about your conversation with Chuck yesterday.))
    algorithms to down play what you are searching for. So then we can assume what comes up immediately may very likely be a planted false story?
    You’re the Best!

  4. darling says:

    Can’t wait for the break to catch up on these excellent shows.

  5. Meria says:

    thank you! So happy people are loving the shows!

  6. guygirard says:

    Good stuff and i agree with you and David the puppets in the news are just a diversion to the real stuff going on in the eithers.

    BTW Meria you are correct there is no university degree for intuition and that is where the real truth is when i see so called alternative media that rely on scholarship degrees and the like to give credibility to their shows as guests or otherwise that tells me a lot about them right off the bat. The so called science they report on is fake or flawed science because they have been brought into it by the system.

    An example of that is all the Anunnaki / Archon science is based on artificial intelligence, sacred geometry including black and white magic, false mathematics ect…. The real creator of the Living library used living energy and all natural means to create see the difference ? one is in disharmony with everything and the other isnt !!!

    The ones spending a lifetime studying and observing the Holographic universe now and bassing their theories and science on what they see are describing and observing the Anunnaki / Archon version of it and being used in the Anunnaki / Archon agendas either in black serecret programs or in the case of the rest of them to keep everyone else in confusion about what is realy going on. Many of the famous scientists or personalities people think so highly of where nothing more than vehicles / puppets the Anunnaki used to bring in their science into physical reality down here done by soul contracts and or possessed into the knowledge that they wanted to advance their agendas.

  7. gaston says:

    My two most favourite people in the movement without a doubt. It’s hard to get a word in there yourself when David gets on a roll though, ain’t it Meria? 🙂

  8. Meria says:

    That’s a-okay with me. You guys get to hear me enough. hugs

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