Meria with David Ray Griffin – Bush and Cheney, How Their Ruined America and the World

 9/5/17 Meria interviews theologian, professor and author David Ray Griffin on his latest book “Bush and Cheney, How They Ruined America And the World”. Never forget 9/11/01 and the world these criminals created. Cheney was in charge of the Bush/Cheney admin; Iraq-Afghanistan-Islamophobia-Middle East -Destruction of Europe-refugees;our Constitution has been shredded and in great danger;Trump-Hillary-Bernie;Pence is a Neo-Con, the neocon agenda; climate changes and climate deniers (trump); trump undoing the modest safeguards Obama put in place;Exxon Mobile knew for 25 yrs; nuclear or ecological holocaust? sperm count, nature;Cheney a big anti-environmentalist;all about money; the 15 “Miracles” of 9/11; miracle:something that cannot happen; Mohammed Atta miracle in height;WTC impossibilities;Bldg 7 freewill;trump’s insanity and lack of morality; overpopulation;the rich and war and more.






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  1. gaston says:

    Mother Earth, like all living entities, will do what it deems necessary for it’s survival. In her case that’s getting rid of humans. And who can blame her? I can’t. We have been given the privelage to live on this beautiful planet. To treasure it and to take care of it, and we have completely fucked up. We’re a pest basically – a deadly virus, and we are reaping what we have sown.

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