Conversations with David Icke

 12/6/17 Conversations with David Icke and Meria. David’s tour, cancelled venue, false accusations;”Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told”, latest book; Zionist hate groups around the world; why Manchester United pulled his event; war on truth;Anti-semite is Anti-Arab;Germany blocks David;trump diversions;Russia and Israel;Kushner’s dad and Netanyahu;Jared’s money for illegal Israeli settlements; trumps Zionist cabinet;Goldman Sachs;Bush admin; Jerusalem-center of zionist world; dead sea scrolls;Kazars-Russians;Rothschilds;zionist racists;No.Korea & PNAC2000 -all follow the lead of countries to destroy;Treaty with Iran;Agenda 21 and Agenda 30;Saudi Arabia-#1 in terror;Helen Thomas;California fires, hurricanes -Agenda 21 – hidden technology in the hands of madmen;war on California;from your land into dystopian cities for control;Dr.Richard Day;Frankenskies;trump is a classic neo-con;Smart cities; one party system and more.









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  1. dougj34 says:

    Thanks Meria, David has become one of my favorites. Best.

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