Meria with Bev Conover of Intrepid Report

 1/10/18 Meria with Bev Conover, Editor,Publisher of Intrepid Report; Year wrap up;Intrepid Report online since 1998;what got her started;1998 she was covering Clinton’s illegal bills; trump & Wolff’s book; Bannon; Can’t fix stupid;Diane Feinstein’s release of the dossier testimony;Darrell Issa retiring like most GOP; trumps henchmen at 7-11’s and Motel 6’s; deportations;Russian anchor babies and trump palace; prayer meetings? destroying history in schools;”bloody nose” for No. Korea? the tax trick trump used to gift Eric; trump guilty of money laundering;sanctions – none for Russia, more for Iran?trump forgave Deutsche bank fines; oil drilling; coal shut down;nominatin unqualified judges;Ayn Rand devotees in office;Sarah Huckabee;Sean Spicer on Oprah;no words on Calif;we need a social democracy;Jeff Bezos &CIA’s cloud; why not a national strike? what’s it going to take?work for welfare? start with trump & corporate welfare; bank locally and more.






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