Meria with David Icke

 3/14/18 Conversations with David Icke & Meria. The expansion of knowledge is the journey;demonization of alternative voices on social media sites;it’s all about censorship and controlling the narrative;mind control;UK banning RT;Russia;discernment is necessary;Al Jazerra targeted;ultra-Zionist hate groups;all social media run by Zionists;Florida shooting;silencing alternative media;Zionism is NOT Judaism;Zionism is a very racist creed;political correctness as control;divide and conquer;chemtrails-nano dust/bots – why? breathing in nano dust attaches you to smart grid;5G lethal frequencies;AI taking over the internet and our lives;awakening happening;Archons;UFO activity & Navy pilots;are non-humans behind human events? and lots more.









18th Year on the net! Education you don’t get anywhere else – commercial/censor free because of your subscription. Support truly independent media -endorsed by David Icke. All downloadable.

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  1. mysticjanet says:

    It’s always so great to hear his take on things. So much to know and learn.
    I miss hearing that other guy you corrected with in the British Isles.
    Thanks again Meria!

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