Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove, Historian

4/30/24 Tragedy and Hope with Meria & Richard Grove, Historian.

Student protests; Gov Abbot all about free speech except for Israel; Kent State; snipers, rubber bullets, chemical weapons on our students; the ethnic cleansing by any other name; Howard Zinn; vote for your favorite Zionist; Former IDF soldiers at Columbia; MSM & churches feed the lies; 10/7 LIHOP or MIHOP; shades of 9/11; Anglo/Zionist colonization project; Operation Jericho Wall; Netanyahu supported Hamas; zionists are atheists; SCOTUS and UN both useless; RFK Jr; TikTok; 2 sets of laws; covid and inflation and so much more. Get over to www.Grandtheftworld.com and www.GetAutonomy.info




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