Meria with Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher of Intrepid Report

5/8/19 Meria with Bev Conover, Journalist, Publisher and Editor of Intrepid Report. 10,000 lies and counting from the felon-in-chief; we don’t have a democracy, we have the Oligarchy the founders set up; MSM; Constitutional Crisis; can a sitting president be indicted? Barr in contempt; NYT and trumps $1 billion losses; law and order? executive privilege; we need a social democracy not a theocracy; Abortion law in Georgia -kill the mother; Bernie & Elizabeth Warren; Votescam; trumps judges; impeachment; 700 prosecutors agree; the environmental disasters of trump; Iran; Russia; Cuba; Pompeo & Bolton & PNAC; Bob Mueller; Kim Jong Un; Saudi’s;pay to play; school shootings; “acting” positions skirt the law and much more.          






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2 Responses to "Meria with Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher of Intrepid Report"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Meria Heller and Bev Conover together is the true definition of “Dynamic Duo”. Anyone who doubts your opinions is not actually paying attention. Ha! I have to laugh when I think of all the people who voted for Trump “because he’s such a GREAT Business Man”. “The Country NEEDS someone who knows how to run a business.” What the U.S. ended up with is a man who knows NOTHING about Politics or how to Govern ( he was never even the mayor of a small town), and a “Great Business Man” who apparently also knows NOTHING about how to run a business. ALL THAT WINNING! I’m looking forward to more shows of you two together!

  2. Meria says:

    thank you!

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