Blood & Guts! With Meria and Jack Blood

3/31/20 Blood & Guts, with Meria and Jack Blood.

Jack’s back after 3 yrs! Jack and Meria have worked together for 22 years; from the stolen election of 2000 to the police state coronavirus we leave nothing out. The economic crash of 2007 and today – Black Swan; the shut down of the planet; depopulation agenda? bioweapon? trump derangement syndrome; psyop; Bernie; Biden; Pelosi/Schumer; you don’t vote for president; strikes worldwide pre-coronavirus; medical martial law; Habeas Corpus; losing rights usually permanent; C.O.G.; Rex84; Oct 2019 exercise; cover up for bank bailouts; who benefits; Dr.Francis Boyle; “Lockstep”; checks & balances gone; ideas; check out Jack Blood News on f/b.




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2 Responses to "Blood & Guts! With Meria and Jack Blood"

  1. amandathewaterlover says:

    When you say that people are ready to just do whatever it takes to keep them safe, just give in to whatever the authority says, it’s like the few people who the government appeases like those who take the vaccine to get a monthly paycheck…well it’s like you are saying they are giving up everyone’s freedom or needs and only care about what they feel benefits them. I don’t know I am not in that category of working parent with a family and marriage or anything but I do wonder if general working class people in society care about the endless havoc being waged on other countries by the authority they support and they will support that authority as long as it’s not them who suffers. I mean they are just trying to maintain whatever living conditions are left on Earth for themselves and really don’t care how many people suffer, as long as it’s not them. I mean I basically have nobody in my family who wants to help me except my grandma and she is on social security. I haven’t felt like people care about my suffering when they see me. When I pass them throughout daily life. I mean as evil as the politicians and bankers are known to be I wonder if most people are the exact replica of them just in a more semmingly benign way. I mean as much as Trump and the other politicians don’t care, I really wonder if general society is much different. I literally wonder if that is generally the reality being faced in this world and we get distractions to help us tolerate how wretched humans have become. Like even the disconnect with people I feel lately. I never felt so isolated among others. I don’t know if it’s my personal experience or if the world is getting to be colder and colder as far as destruction being waged against us in different ways coupled with how ignorance is breeding a lack of Empathy and our relationship with each other is being eaten away but by the time it’s realized we will be already so far gone and the technology will basically be there to replace everything that we sacrificed as a society. I mean like people will be like all set to merge with the machine and it’s only like 10 percent of people who are truly willing to fight but they are like dispensable and like the other 90 percent will just watch those that care go to their demise without any thought or feeling of concern whatsoever.

  2. Meria says:

    There are a lot of selfish people in the world, but also a lot of wonderful people too. As part of my group you’re never alone.
    Yes, many will walk right off a cliff. We are only responsible for ourselves.

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