Awaken With Meria and Monnica

4/20/21 Awaken With Meria And Monnica.

Problems, reactions, solutions with a twist! Happy 4/20; pay attention to your inner reactions to this reality; fear, worry, doubt are energies too; the Age of Aquarius, things move fast like a flush; love and healing; Pandemic; the World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle (see archives); Forks Over Knives; your diet does affect your moods and spirituality; Nathan Runkle (see archives); everything is temporary; the Earth’s reactions; the lack of the sacred; get back to the sacred; start your day with gratitude; work your spiritual program; speak things into existence; deserve-ability; better sleep and lots more.



                                                           21st  Year on the net!


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Twenty first anniversary celebration of the Meria Heller Show!

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