Meria With Dr.Will Tuttle – The World Peace Diet

7/14/21 Meria With Will Tuttle, Ph.D – The World Peace Diet.

Will  Tuttle returns to the show to discuss his book “The World Peace Diet, Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony“, now in 17 languages; the imprisonment and abuse of billions of animals; pollution in the oceans, skies; 40-50 dead zones; mono crops; death for profit; 90,000 chemicals; mass extinction; pandemics; the energy you eat; boomerang effect; Obesity in animals & humans; eating cancer; compassion is the core of spirituality; violence & diet; consuming media; “Heartland” and “Virgin River” ; blocking your spiritual connection; purpose; you are what you eat; the lack of the sacred; spooking & genocide and lots more.




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