Meria with Prize Winning Author Anne Michaud-Why They Stay

11/3/21 Meria With Author Anne Michaud.

Meria interviews Anne Michaud, veteran political journalist, Reporter for the Wall St Journal and winner of 25 writing awards on her book“Why They Stay, Sex Scandals, deals, and hidden agendas of eight political wives”.From Eleanor to Melania – answers to the why. The media on presidents from JFK to trump; whaat kind of character is a cheating husband? What kind of president that cheats on his wife? Why Americans put up with it; Bernie; the Obamas; Chelsea Clinton; Hillary and Bill; Buttigieg and Kamala; Jackie Kennedy created “the Camelot Years”; Eleanor got busy doing great things for America; what is the “White Queen Quotient”?; Princess Diana; the children of adulterers and much more.




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