Meria With Patricia Cori – Hacking the God Code – Part 2

1/4/23 Meria With Patricia Cori -Hacking The God Code – Part 2

Author, screenwriter, Host of Beyond the Matrix, Patricia Cori returns for Part 2 of “Hacking The God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul”. todays censorship worse than McCarthyism; how they silence you; New World Order; Buffalo Bills player; affect of fear on human psyche and body; conditioned to obey; constant adrenal stress; Big Brother orchestration; the Great Awakening; Harmonic Convergence; dark vs. light; CERN; luciferian overlords; coming for your soul; world leaders; GM human 2.0; altering the human being; neurolink; cell phone addiction; get angry not afraid; fight back time; take your power back and more.




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